5: Steinback

Darrel Steinback had a checkered history and a lot of access to Kathy. Did she get into his cab the night she disappeared?

If you have any information on Kathy’s case, please contact Metro Nashville Police Department’s Cold Case Unit at 615-862-7329.

Flatrock was created in collaboration with Spreaker. Senior production provided by Kim Green. Executive producers are Olivia Lind and Greg Thornton. Co-produced by Dixie Bratton, Chris Chamberlain, Jamie R. Hollin, Cathy Lind, Betsy Phillips, Terry Quillen, and JJ Wright. Backed by Brandon Herrington. Music by Preston Garland. Additional voices provided by A Concerned Citizen (host of Swindled), Vincent Strange, and Steven Pacheco.

Additional music in this episode:

Special thank you to Bea Jones, Lt. Patrick Taylor and Det. Curtis Hafley of the Metro Nashville Police Department, and Chief Mickey Miller of the Hendersonville Police Department.

Olivia Lind