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A 12-year-old girl, her prized roller skates thrown over her shoulder, headed out to the neighborhood skating rink on November 29, 1969, only to be found three days later, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. Award-winning podcaster Olivia Lind dissects the story that played out in mid-century Nashville, taking her audience from a contaminated crime scene through the disadvantaged life of three children, arriving at the convincing conclusion that is far worse than anything the public was told — until now.


About Olivia

Olivia Lind is the co-host of Something's Not Right, a long-running true crime podcast that features Nashville actress Thashana McQuiston and Lind, who give lurid murder narratives a wry but sensitive perspective. Something's Not Right was honored in 2018 as the Nashville Scene's Best Podcast and has been nominated again for 2019. Flatrock is Lind's first foray onto the single-narrator investigative podcast format. 

Olivia grew up less than a mile from the scene of what has been dubbed "the end of Nashville's innocence” — the murder of 4th grader Marsha Trimble in 1975. Olivia has questioned why this slaying, of a child in one of Nashville's wealthier neighborhoods, has persisted in the public mind while the equally horrible death of Kathy Jones in a working class part of town has faded. She seeks to focus needed attention on Kathy's story and the likely killer.


Flatrock was funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign. If you’d like to help with future investigations and projects, here are some options:

What People Are Saying

Get ready — Flatrock is a carefully constructed and well-told narrative that dives into some serious darkness. - Chanel Dubofsky, Vulture

It’s a fine piece of investigative journalism, thoroughly researched and compellingly told — including audio from interviews with Jones’ remaining relatives, police officers who have worked the case (as a cold case) and others. - Stephen Trageser, Nashville Scene

I listen to a LOT of true crime podcasts and am a hopeless fangirl of them all. Flatrock, though, is the first one in a long time—perhaps ever—that has brought a tear to my eye in just the first episode. Olivia has done her homework, and in her writing and narration no word is wasted or important detail excluded. She’s going to do right by Kathy. I’m not just hooked—I’m invested. - hollywynne, Apple Podcasts reviewer

Having been a long-time resident of Nashville and watching Flatrock come into being via Instagram, the months and months of research with primary sources, hard work, respect and dedication, expect this to be both a passionate detail-oriented search for justice and the truth, and a loving tribute to twelve year old Kathy Jones, still painfully missed 50 years later. - Old Nashville (Photography), Apple Podcasts reviewer

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Flatrock contains disturbing subject matter which may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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